Bill Wadman | Photographer / Studio
December 31, 2007
Congrats! Congrats! I am one of your loyal subjects and a fan. Here's to a very prosperous new year.
- Nichelle -

Thanks so much for sharing your work with us all this past year, Bill. Your journey continues to inspire me and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. All the best, Thomas
- Thomas Sullivan -

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for sharing in the making of this project. That's true of both the subjects who sat for me as well as all of you who have come here each day to see my work. A couple of years ago when I finished my first daily 365 project, I said it was the best thing I had done. However as I'm sitting here posting the 365th portrait, I can honestly say that this series has taken that title. I don't think I could be more proud of my progress and overall work this year. The whole thing has been a wonderful experience; meeting and interacting with all of you as well as actually taking the photos. I now have dozens of new people in my life that I'm lucky enough to call my friends. The next step will be to secure gallery space and hopefully a book publisher, so that's what I'll be working on over the next few weeks. I honestly couldn't, and more importantly wouldn't, have done it without you. Thank you so much.
- Bill Wadman -

Just what I'd hoped for. A fitting end to a fabulous year. Thanks, Bill. What's next?
- Dan (the original one) -

Well, you couldn't have done it without you, either ;-). Congratulations, dearest - a brilliant end to an amazing project. Knowing what you have put into it - and the amazing results you have come up with, day in, day out, come what may - I am so proud of you. And you should be so proud of yourself. I love you so much. xx
- Andrea -

Congratulations, Bill Wadman. A very fine ending to a wonderful project. Best wishes for a great 2008!
- Richard

well done, bill. as you know, i've been an admirer of yours for a while. well done. xo, s.
- Stephanie Bartosiewicz

This is a genius finish! Congratulations! Your hard work has been an inspiration.
- Jordan Ogren - http//

Thank you so much for your efforts over this year - surely no easy task. I have really enjoyed looking at a new portrait each day, and I know I'm going to miss it in 2008!
- Andrew -

Bill, this is a wonderful end to a phenomenal project. I wish you all the best in taking this effort to the next level in 2008!
- Jillian Villafane -

congrats mate!
- marc -

You are a true artist. Your effort alone to keep this real is an achievement; that you pulled off this project with such skill adds even more to your accomplishments. Much love to you and Andrea. Happy 2008 to you both. XXOO
- Lauri Apple -

Damnit don't stop now! Nearly every one was a masterpiece IMO, you have a very rare talent. Thanks Bill, I look forward to your future projects, good luck and a Happy New Year.
- Simon Johnston

What a fitting portrait! It is just as I had hoped as well, and better. With your hard work and talents you gave us viewers an exceptional opportunity to see and feel. It has been a gift! Thank you for it. Now, as soon as you have that publisher and the like, I will need to know how to purchase this book. Online has been outstanding viewing, but I love it and want to purchase some copies of it. I will look about for updates to that effect. For what it's worth and it may not be much, if ever I can do anything to help, I will. Congratulations! And may the next 365 give as much to you as you have given. If it does, you will be a very wealthy man in so many ways.
- Boo -

Very well done. Congratulations. Happy new year!
- Jen

Bravo, Bill! Here's to a job well done. The kind of dedication it takes to see this kind of thing through is very rare. I salute you and your efforts. Thank you for inspiring me throughout this year. Here's to a great 2008!
- Jeremy Thompson -

Congratulations. Your project was a great compagnion to me. Greetings from Switzerland.
- Rudi-Renoir Appoldt -

Congrats, Bill! Even in Ghent, Belgium, we were eager to see another picture appear every day. Your work and energy are impressive!
- Ake -

Congratulations! Great work all year round and a happy 2008!
- jpk that's the end. Congratulations and happy new year!
- lil

Hi Bill I don't think I have the words to express quite how this project, and you, have inspired me. It's not just the pictures that are beautiful - and all of them are, even mine! What I find so precious and inspiring is watching a person really grow, stretch themselves, commit themselves, because they care about connecting and creating. It really has been unique and amazing. You deserve huge success with it in 2008 and beyond, for sure. But I think you've already won the most precious prize - the accomplishment and the human engagement. You did it. YOU did it. I look forward to a new project too. But don't rush, Bill. Look around you and enjoy the things you already have, the people you already know, and the scenery around you. You've done an amazing thing; sit with it. Much love, and Happy New Year Sarah & Tess xxx
- Sarah

Thank you very much for 365 extraordinary photos! I'm glad I found this project quite early this year and could visit this site each day. A wonderful idea and wonderfully done! Best wishes from Germany, Anne
- Anne

I had a feeling you might end this with a self portrait. As usual, you've created an interesting and wonderfully creative photograph. Congratulations on concluding this project! Even though I came to it very late in its process, I managed to kill many minutes and hours browsing days past. Best of luck with your gallery presentation, your search for a publisher and all future work! Cheers! .
- James Curtis Smith -

You've set the bar on this project Billy. Congrats and Happy New Year. matt
- matt geraghty -

Congratulations! It's 365, what's next? I'm in China, I like your photos and your project, it's interesting! Happy new year!
- Tang Ming

Congrats, an awesome project. You should be very proud. LQ
- Lawrence Quigley -

Congratulations Bill. What a beautiful,interesting year you gave us. I was looking forward to your daily photos, OH my how this will be missed. Good luch in all your endeavors and happy 2008
- Danielle Bar-or

- Mary Elizabeth Williams -

Awesome, stunning.............there aren't enough superlatives!!!! I look forward to your next challenge. Happy New Year!
- shopaholicann

I would definitely buy that book, I've been watching since early on in February, and I feel like I'm a part of this project now - even though the only contribution I've made was my daily visit to see the new addition to your collection. For some reason, each and every portrait has not only become a part of me, but has inspired me as an artist to improve my art every day. Thanks for letting us into your life in this manner, Bill.
- Nate

A hearty congrats from Korea, billwadman. Job well done.
- jk

I will miss checking in on your work. Yours is the only blog I have ever checked regularly. As I mentioned on my blog, you have re-lit my desire to cary out long term projects. Thank you and I wish you all the success that you can handle. Happy New Year. Sincerely, Keith Pitts
- Keith Pitts -

ah Bill. there you are. it's clear from the comments that you broke a few hearts last night. mine included. it's not often most of us get the chance to look unfettered into a stranger's face. thanks for that. see you soon. x- sally
- sally

Bill, we feel privileged to have been a part of your project. You deserve all the success that comes from this and we hope that will be a lot! Happy New Year, Love from Matt and Jill x
- Matt -

I have truly enjoyed checking in every day to see the latest addition to the collection. As a subject, it was great meeting you in person and seeing how the magic happen s behind and in front of the camera. I'm excited to see what comes next for you.
- Terrence -

Thank you for 365 days of awesomeness and for including me in this incredible project. This shot is the perfect ending. Congrats!
- Heather

Thank you Bill for letting me be part of something really special. Congratulations. As someone commented earlier, each one of these portraits is really unique and that's a credit to your great talent. This last one is amazing!!! I look forward to following anything else you will be working on in the future.
- Jose 8-15

Mate....I have to say I have so enjoyed your venture and can I say thank you so much for it.....Dont know what Im going to do when I first visit my computer every day were always the first website I visited....I will miss it very much indeed.....Can I also make a comment about your last photograph......Possibly the best one (they do say leave the best till last)...Most impressed....Once again thank you and may I wish you the very best ....and not just in 2008 Cheers .....Steve Dixon.......
- Steve Dixon

Thank goodness it is your face that finishes this wonderful project!! Its a perfect ending to a perfect idea. Whether or not you know it, your work is an inspiration for many of us. 364 of us were lucky enough to share in this and can keep the memories of our shoot forever. Much thanks to your sister, whose hard work shows on every photo. Thank you for this. Good luck to you moving this forward. Happy 2008!!! Nik (posed 12/22)
- Nik G

Great stuff all year ... and a perfect ending. I would hope that when the book comes out some details of how portraits were lit, what you used, how you shot it would be included. Your style and command of light is wonderful. Thanks - JI
- Justin Ide -

Congratulations, Bill. What an amazing journey resulting in a spectacular body of work. Thank you for allowing me to participate and to be inspired by these each and every day. Happy New Year, Jim
- Jim Radosevic

Hey Bill, I am very proud of you. This is one of the most amazing achievements. Congrats in so many ways and thanks for being such a good friend and letting me be a part of this. It is time to celebrate!!!! oh yea how about a day off???? Eroc
- Eric -

What a fabulous finish to another wonderful project, Billy! It has been thoroughly enjoyable to view your portraits each day and, like so many others, I will miss that. A year ago you had an idea and a vision. You have devoted the past 365 days to taking the photographs and perfecting them and you have posted an original and inventive work product day after day. I commend you on your high standards of achievement and your dedication to completing this project. No one is more proud of you than I am. You've walked the walk, Bill. You never cease to amaze me. Love you.
- Mom

Thanks to The Times (London U.K.) for recommending your web site earlier this year. Your project has rekindled my enthusiasm for getting off my butt and taking photographs. I wish you well in your search for a publisher and wish i could make my mum as proud. Jimmy
- Jimmy

Awesome! Congrats on the finish, Bill. I'm thrilled to have been part of this (thank you!) and look forward to seeing where it goes from here. Keep us updated on the publisher/gallery situation. Best of luck and happy new year!
- kdudish

Thank you for publishing your fantastic work here. All the best for the new year. I am sure exhibition and book will be a success. I look forward to the book..
- Ulrich -

Congratulations on a great year and a great project, Bill. And happy new year!
- Ken -

Happy New 365 Days! And congratulations, Bill! It's been such a pleasure watching this series grow & progress. Can't wait to see what's next.
- nuno

Congratulations Bill! I cheered when I saw this final portrait, an amazing finish! This has been such a phenomenal project, I will definitely miss checking in each day. Here's to a fantastic 2008 filled with happiness, health, and success!
- Becca Brown

Thank you for sharing the raw beauty of so many individuals. I have watched this project throughout 2007 and this is my first post. I have learned much from your introspection and study of light, the subject, the setting, and will truly miss the great titles that have adorned each model.
- john h.

Bill, I'm so glad I was able to RSS this site and enjoy a new portrait everyday. You do incredible work and have been inspired artistically to pursue certain things in my life with more passion. I look forward to every project that you do in the future -june 9th
- Carlos Urreta -

Billy! Well played my friend. I've always been impressed with you and your work over the years. And now to be a part of one of your projects makes proud. Can't wait to see what you're doing next for '08. Happy new year bro! Jason Serial Number #062807
- Jason Nardi -

Great finish, Bill. Thanks for including me, and thanks for doing this all in the first place. D
- Derryl Murphy -

nice touch, bill. bravo, overall :)
- patty

Usually people don't get a chance to make a single masterpiece, but I can honestly say you've made a bunch -- this being at the top (for now). You're the most talented guy I know, thank you for letting me be a part of your work. Love you Bill.
- Andrew King -

Congratulations, Bill! Your drive is inspirational. You started out great this year and have grown from there.
- carpeicthus -

I must say....Since I have found you on referral a few months ago you have had some very impressive images show skill and vision in your art, but you have really topped yourself with this last one of your project. This has to be one of the most creative portraits I have ever seen. What I truly love about this one is how the subject is lined up for a proper composition in the window of the camera but then the camera itself is smack dab in the middle of the frame of the picture. All I can say is Bravo sir! Bravo!
- David -

Happy New Year Bill! I loved how the portraits seemed to become even more personal in the final week, ending with your lovely self portrait. It was an honor to sit for you and I wish you much success in 2008. And I forgive you for saying you're not really into food... Cheers! The Cheese Lady
- Tia -

and you wondered if it was a success :) what a great ending.
- amanda -

Well done Bill. Looks like a project like this is a great wat to meet people and your heroes! Which is your favourite portrait? Sitter? Mine is the portrait of a fellow photographer with the antique camera
- Jack H

Superb ending! Thanks to the cupcakestakethecake blog for leading me here. For better or worse you inspired me to start my own blog. I hope you have a restful early January, as you've earned it. Can't wait for the book.
- buckycatt -

Congratulations, Bill. It's an accomplishment to be proud of for so many reasons.
- Sarah (9/29) -

thanks it was a fascinating project to follow
- m -

Bill, you did it! The self-portrait and the project... I'm very proud of you. Can't wait for the gallery opening!
- Abigail

Bill, I had a feeling your last would be a self-portrait. Here's what I had imagined it would be: You in front of a wall of our photos, your head down on a pile of contact sheets. Your eyes closed in exhausted sleep. Your final portrait is much more dignified and interesting than that. Many congratulations! And please let us know as soon as you know about the gallery opening of this project. I want to be sure I'm there and I need to plan ahead. I am so glad you came to SFCA and I got to participate in this project. As I said, getting to spend time with you and Andrea was a huge treat and made me want to pursue my art even more (which I have since begun to do). Thank you for the inspiration. Be well, Jocelyn #100107
- Jocelyn -

we will miss your daily pics but will be first in line when an exhibit opens one day! thanks again for the beautiful pic right after jonah was born and the fabulous pic of jonah too! 8/28 and 10/10
- renee (jonahs mom)

i have seen some amazing photographs here Bill. Look forward to buying the book when it comes out. Good luck in 2008!
- henry

Holy 365 goodness! I'm so sad I won't be able to check in every day and see the new additions. Ive so much enjoyed watching and being a part your process AND progress, better with every passing month. Thank you, Gayle
- Gayle 09/21/07

oh! so lovely! what a fabulous face to end the project on. though I'd like to see it right-side-up or upside-down so I can get a better sense of what's happening in your face. love the framing. can't believe the project's over! *sniff* congrats on this amazing collection, it is stunning. I cannot wait for the gallery show, and the book. it is already on my calendar, time & date TBA. big love to ya.
- zed -

what a wonderful finish! Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
- Eran Bugge

Yay! I had hoped you'd end with a self-portrait... thanks for such a great project and for all the inspiration. Cheers!
- Jen -

Hey, Hey Heeeeyyy.... wait a minute, waaait aahh minute.. this project is not going into overtime?? You mean you're actually gonna stop this project on the 365th day?? Bill you got to be kiddin' me, you can't just show us all this skill and talent, show this growth in creativity, stoytelling and technique and just stop!!! Com'on Bill, don't be like that, give us 8 no 11 more days maaaan! lol If its gonna be 365 days only then I salute you on a job well done! Honestly, truly inspirational!!!
- Sherwin -

Congratulations on a fantastic project! It was a great idea and a great execution! I can't wait to see what you next project will be!
- Patrick Di Justo

Bill, congratulations on the completion of 365 Portraits!
- Emily Gertz -

I'm not gonna' lie. I was totally expecting a picture of yourself for the last one. But. I wasn't expecting a picture of yourself through a large format camera. Always mixin' it up. Anyway, great, as always. You've inspired me to start my own 52 portrait project (I live in a small town, so finding a new person to photograph every day would be a bit too much). Hopefully the publishing and gallery action works out. With a portfolio like this though, I suspect you'll have no trouble.
- Peter Boysen -

Bill.. Great meeting you, and thank you for letting me be a part of this. Good luck with everything else in the new year!
- Danny Garcia

Your commitment to this project is inspirational and overwhelming. I have felt guilty stealing five minutes each day with you and your subjects as the quality has been exceptional and I can only imagine how many hours a day you spent on each portrait! I would LOVE to purchase this book when it is published - 10 copies even, just to give to my friends and family. So don't forget to distribute to Australia!! Finally, congratulations on achieving an amazing body of work. Musician, poet, scientist, artist, photographer - has anyone else ever mentioned that you might be a modern-day Renaissance Man? PS. The lighting in your self-portrait is a wonderful puzzle, I could stare at it for hours!
- superfluous aussie

I really like this picture. It is a fine portrait of a fine photographer. It shows the person and the persons interest. But...the image is upside down! Thanks, Bill. I have learned to look more closely at the photographs I have done and your work has helped me do better. I wish you all the good luck in the world with your projects. Keep us all advised where we can see your work next. All the best, John Andrews, Knoxville, Tennessee
- John Andrews

I haven't posted too much here, but I can honestly say it's been a joy finding a new amazing portrait in my inbox every morning! This is a brilliant superb finish to the last year of photographs, and I'm sad to see it go; I can't wait to see what project you have in store next, though! Good luck fining a publisher!
- dave -

Hey buddy, Congratz to a job well done, and thank you for including me and making me feel 200% beautiful! We're all ready to see this project gain more fame, GOOD LUCK!
- JENN (7/2)

Bill- What an accomplishment. I've been honored to be a small part of the project and to be privy to its ups, downs, and in-betweens. You've created something that I think not even you had envisaged and in the process you've inspired me to be more creative, to be more critical of my own work, and most of all, to gaze into the eyes of my fellow man for just a little bit longer. Bravo, and thank you. Neil
- Neil -

(insert slow clap here) Rock on! Great job wrapping it up so strongly!
- Spamboy -

great way to end it Bill. I'm honored that I was able to be a subject for you! I hope you get a sweet book deal and I'll be at the gallery opening when it happens! Daniel
- Daniel Krieger -

Bravo! Checking your site everyday was my ritual for nearly a year. I hope 2008 goes well for you, and I'm looking forward to anything else you do. Best wishes from CA!
- Danielle

I'm actually in London right now, but wanted to say that this, like the 364 others, is am amazing shot. I'm honored to have been a part of the project, and think yours is truly an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing both what you do with this project, and what your next one is.
- Rachel Kramer Bussel -

Bill, Great Job! Shimmy
- Shimmy -

congratulations, bill! wishing you ever-new creative adventures this year!
- inna -

Congratulations on successfully completing a very worthwhile project.I am happy to have a small part in it. Like so many others, I will miss the daily anticipation and reward of viewing your site, like a year long advent calender. How about a 366 Portrait project - there is a leap year in 2008. Best wishes, Patrick Gallagher
- Patrick Gallagher

It's rare to see such a gifted photographer's work and we hope to be part of helping your career grow. Best in 2008!
- Piers Lawrence -

Bill I know am among many many others when I say Congrats and also how sad I am to see this project end. It truly has become a part of my day. You're work is just stunning and I am grateful I was able to be involved. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Please do let us know when the book comes out. Congrats again! Lindsey James
- Lindsey

I've made it a point to visit your project every time i get a spare moment... This last portrait is one of my favourites - I've never seen something quite like it... original, well executed, and with superb light to top it off. I hope to see your work published in the future, as every one of your portraits is inspiring. All the best to you (and your subjects!) in 2008
- Jack

It's been great fun watching this project evolve. I pray you find a publisher worthy of your talent, and that the new year brings you all the blessings you deserve.
- Jen

ENCORE! In all seriousness, this project was so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous portraits with all of us. I do hope to see a book by you in Barnes & Noble one day very soon.
- Diane

Bill, once again: a great project with wonderful images. I am still every day watching your work. Goodluck with the book and / or expo and thank you for inspiring me to start a likewise project.
- Olaf Siebert -

Congratulations for your work. It´s been a pleasure to see your photos everyday.
- Sergio MC -

A truly impressive and inspiring collection. Well done :)
- Alison -

My biggest regret is to having gotten involved with this website sooner. I heard about it in June and started following it there after. It has realy given me a little something to look forward to each day. Thanks!
- Mikey

Congratulations. And as we say in Korea... 새해 복 많이 받으세요! (Saehae bok manhi badeusayyo. Happy new year!)
- Amanda -

Nice work, babe.
- Dave

Awesome portraits-great ideas and techniques to learn from. Your subjects were just as great! Congratulations on the completion of.
- David Stone -

Sadly, was only tipped to your magnificent project by Boo in the last few days, did not see it unfold day by day. But now as I slowly view a portion each day, I am struck by the natural and uncontrived appearance of these remarkable people. Both the known as well as those previously unknown to us. I look forward to seeing your exhibit in NYC and book published. (Ps. That Boo person would make an excellent future subject.)
- Jay -

Happy New Year, Bill. You have excelled yourself. I was struck by Sarah's message - no harm at all in cruising on the crest of your wave for a while. You deserve it. Love to you and Andrea. xx
- Marie

Thanks Bill for all the memories described by your fine art. I hope you have a great 2008! Greetings from Mexico City!
- Julio Cesar -

It was great to be part of this project, Bill. You did fantastic work. I am both amazed and sad to think that more than a year has passed since this project began. I am eager to see what happens next!
- Christopher Rivera

I loved the discipline and commitment of this project, matched only by your openness as a person. Like you, it’s a disarming whole, and a remarkable art experience. Congratulations, and thank you.
- Duane Ebesu

Bill, It was a great pleasure to meet you and Melissa at Andrew & Janet's the night of the farewell concert and to watch you photograph Patty. You captured her amazing spirit perfectly!! I wish I'd seen the project earlier in the year - what I have seen is truly wonderful and I look forward to following your future journeys. Congratulations on 2007 and many good wishes for 2008 . . . Jeanette
- Jeanette Hineline

lovely to meet you. thank you for making me laugh on a day i wanted nothing more than to cry. thank you for not making me look old or fat :) thank you for your contribution of art and beauty to this world. blessings and peace
- adrienne -

Bravo! Thanks for letting me be a part of something so spectacular. And you picked the perfect ending -- beautifully done.
- Alexis

Bill, This one is a pure genius!!! Congratulations on the completion of this amazing project. I am happy to have been a little part of it. I wish you a great success with getting it exhibited and published. I hope I can get an autograph once I get my copy of the book. Best wishes, Ela
- Ela

A brilliant end to a brilliant year. Shine on, you crazy diamond.
- AL

congratulations, Bill! Thanks for a beautiful, fun, and entertaining year. I don't know you, but I'm really going to miss you.
- jess

Bill, Thank you for sharing with us all your brilliant work. I'm proud and honored to be included in your collection of images. Best of luck with the show and the book. Tom
- Thomas Hawk -

Bill- You have kept us Both Entertained and Inspired! Thank you! As for the Book - I can see a year to year series of Coffee table books. 365Portraits2007 365Portraits2008 365Portraits2009 Bye the way register those domains Bill You will thank me later Oh a daily desk calendar might work as well. -Dennis
- Dennis Ray Nestor Jr. -

One of the highlights of my daily RSS feed crawl. But all things must pass. Hoping you will get involved in another online photo project in the future that we can all follow and/or in some small way participate in.
- Brian Sullivan -

"To make an end is to make a new beginning. The end is where we start from." Thanks, Bill, for the inspiration you have given me, as well as many of your other admirers. I am sad to see this project come to an end, but I anxiousley await the publication of 365 Portraits and I look forward to your next brilliant project.
- Julie

Nice Martini Shot, Bill. Congrats and Bravo!
- Dave Streich (365-Photo 2/19)

Congratulations on achieving something truly special. I can't thank you enough for the daily inspiration. The photos were, in the end, all interesting, and more often than not they were absolutely sublime. I'll miss this. Thanks, and cheers.
- allen -

Happy New Year Bill. It's been an honour to be a part of this. It's a profound achievement and one, I hope, that will lead to new adventures. But first, take a day or two off. Well done sir. simon x
- simon

billy, thanks for an incredible year of your photos, something so great to look forward to and to check in on - your work has been a real inspiration to us all, and has made me realize the importance not only of dedication, but of hard work - even if it is what you love. thanks for also being such a wonderful friend, a light in darkness. congratulations and my best as always, jonathan (jmfg)
- jonathan

Great job, Bill. It was wonderful to be a part of such a unique project. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Ben Thoma -

Nice finish, Bill. I feel priviledged to have been included among some esteemed subjects. It's encouraging to see an artist follow through with a project that is actually valuable, noteworthy, well respected, and true to his character. And I am also thankful for your friendship. I hope I can be a part of more of your projects in the future. love, carole
- Carole Simms D'Agostino

Hi Bill, I have watched every day since I heard about the project in spring, I have (like many others) never commented, but I just want to add my congratulations on the project's completion and my huge admiration for your photographs; You've heard it plenty I'm sure, but I'll really miss your daily portraits.
- Matthew Boyle -

Bill, Huge congratulations on this achievement... each portraits is exquisite in its own unique way, and your dedication to honing your talent this year is inspiring. All the best... can't wait to see what's next for you!
- Aimee White-Charles

Bill, I haven't commented before but I had to take a minute and tell you how much I've enjoyed this project. I'm a very amateur photographer, would love to get better. This has inspired me to enroll in a photography class. Thanks and I can't wait for your next one. Kurt from Oklahoma
- Kurt

I am so sad to see the end of this project. Thank you Bill for sharing this with us. Will def. be looking out for the book. Amanda from Australia
- Amanda

congratulations on an amazing project. i am thrilled i was able to be a part of it early on (February!) rachel
- story -

Bill, I've been marvelling at your wonderful photographs and your dedication to the craft since Yahoo Picks pointed me in your direction several months ago. I have the utmost respect for you and your fabulous work. Congratulations on a well planned and well executed project. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and will eagerly await further projects from you. Thank you for many days of enjoyment.
- Keith -

Billy (always Billy to me) - I am very proud of you as you should be for yourself. What you have done here truly comes from within (your heart). You are a very creative, talented and genuinely nice person and now that you have shared all that with over 365 people there is no stopping you now - go for it. A.M.-btw - Happy Birthday and it's a Great Day!

I have to say , all through the month of december i was feeling kinda sad seeing the end of this great poroject approach .... Its been a great year , and an outstanding effort . Well done bill , Loved this place .... Loved ur works ... Btw great photo to end this great portfolio with ....
- Semary -

I was happy to play a small part and buy you pizza
- carolina -

Bill, Congratulations on an amazing project! I loved shooting with you and I only hope that 365 evolves into another fabulous endeavor. XOXO, Logan
- Logan Levkoff -

What a GREAT way to wrap up. I've enjoyed this project SO much; both watching and participating. Many thanks. And best of luck with the next step. Hope we keep in touch.
- Margot Avery -

Congrats! I checked this each day; I love people-watching.
- rlb

Bill, congratulations on completing a truly remarkable project!
- Jeffrey Yamaguchi -

Congrats I hope to see your book published ! Your pictures are an inspiration for me. All the best, Victor from Barcelona
- Victor Puig -

Hello Bill I ran across your site via one of my flickr contacts. I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I enjoyed viewing your work.. the project is a great idea -- and I will be back to visit and see what happens in the next steps of your work! Thanks!! Kathy
- Kathy Manley -

Adding my congratulations. Well done, Bill.
- Peter -

Bill, Congratulations on finish a very ambitious project. Hope all goes well with your plans for the future. Be sure to keep Jeremy and me informed. Harold Kaiman
- Harold Kaiman

Hi Bill! I´ve discovered this project of yours exactly one year ago, but I never wrote a comment on any of your photos, I always felt that what could be told, that has been told by the others. Your work was very inspirating and I´m truly amazed by this project. You make high class photos/portraits, wish I would be near to this level of photography. Hope to see more such great projects from you! Sincererly, Zsutti
- zsutti -

Bill: Congratulations on completing the project, and for allowing me to participate as one of your 365 subjects. It was an honour to be a part of it, thanks again, and it was great to meet you last June in NYC. Good luck with the potential book deal! - Randy
- Randy Reichardt -

you are so talented, bill. i'm sorry to see the end of 365 - but i look forward to your next venture! you are always an inspiration.
- janet king

good job baby cakes
- KB

i am an observation addict. your pictures provided so much enjoyment throughout the year. i will miss it. thank you. kate
- kate

j'aime bien partie avec..........
- abdo - 0021274747384

Congratulations!! It was such an honor to be a part of this project, to have participated and to have witnessed your work over the past 365 days... It's an amazing and TOTALLY inspirational project. I can't wait to see what more is to come out of you... All my best - with cheers and gratitude -- Youri xoxo
- youri

Congratulations on finishing your project, and thanks for giving me the chance to be a part of it - really a highlight in my year! Best of luck in 2008.
- Sarah

Its delightly to see such a large body of work. Each being unique. It inspires.
- Supreet Sethi -

I have just been looking back to the first portraits, and though I don't know all that much about photographie, I could tell that you have grown so much as a photographer this past year. To be completely honest, I am not all that crazy about January nor February, but then, I think you started to understand more what you wanted to show... you show this strangers in such light that one cannot deny their beauty nor the beauty of the picture, ad I felt as though I knew most of them... I would recognize friends, lovers and family in your portraits... I believe that to be truly wonderful and an awesome achievement... I have nothing else to say but how thankful I am of your great work (it gave me something to look forward to every morning before work :) ). Oh, and congratulations also!
- Ana

Bill -- And here I thought you were just a nice guy. I plan on sending all my friends here so I can validate my own importance. Proud of ya, Billy Boy.
- Rob -

Interesting project. Too bad im late for it to keep track...
- NJ Photographer -

What a fabulous project, Cant wait to see what you do in 2009 Adrian
- Adrian -

Well done. A real inspiration.
- KT -

Thanks Bill for letting me see the world though your eyes, your a true inspiration. Best of luck on your future projects,
- Kaloy

thank you so much...your an inspiration!!!
- Driving School -

365 ups red is

Thanks Bill, Loved you images and insight.
- Photo RIP -

I wish I'd found your site sooner. You have amazing work and I love your perspective. Keep up the great work and fresh thinking.
- Kyle -

Great to follow, is here a new version for this year? Regards
- Camera -

I love your photos. Love them!
- Janelle

Amazing pictures, absolutely amazing color & depth. If I need pointers on what photos should look like, I'm going to be revisiting this page.
- Photography Schools -

Nice collection of photos.Great use of color....
- Sanjana -

wow this is really good and you should be proud of yourself a perfected picture each day of the year you i can tell that you are really passionate about photography.
- Michael Sherlock

Incredible work I hope that you continue to build upon what you have done. while this might be small for someone one like you little extra cash can never hurt cheers
- Tom Jones

Awesome work. Keep building on what you have done. I'll be checking from time to time to see what updates have taken place. Once again, great job. Christina Hornback/Photographer
- Christina Hornback -

Bill, let me first say: great job. Out of curiosity, I noticed in the technical info section that you don't use the 85L nor the 135L. How come? best, --CK
- CK -

This is really cool! I love the photos and you have done a great job with them! I would love to do a project of my own like this since my every-day life is sooo hectic! I'm graduating next week with my Associate in graphic design from Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, NC. I would like to further my education in photography, but don't know where to do that. Any ideas of a good school in North or South Carolina for photography majors? Best wishes in the future and good luck with more photos! Keep up the good work! Maggie
- Maggie

You remind me of a friend of mine who spent every day on the streets with his Bronica taking portraits. I admire your perseverence!
- photo retouching services -

Just came across this blog - what a great idea. Thanks for all the inspiration ;)
- Matthias Vohwinkel -

Just came across this project for the first time - fantastic concept and some lovely work - I wish you every succes in your endeavors.
- Karl Baxter -

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You showed a great deal of dilligence with your project.
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Thanks for your info.
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Congrats on your work! Very good indeed! I will for sure bookmark you!
- Chandler -

Congratulations, this is very good! I have bookmarked you! Would you do me a favour and look at my blog? Its a photoblog, where I show the work to young artists.
- Albert - read and comment my blog, tell your f

Excellent work! Congrats on the book! Greetings!
- Bo Insogna -

great project. Great book. I followed your work online during the entire project. -dz
- Denver Photographer Dave Z. -

Great blog. Consider yourself bookmarked! I teach on a few Photography Holidays around the world and I'll definitely be recommending this blog to my students who are always asking me about good photography sites!
- Hpc -

Incredible work I hope that you continue to build upon what you have done.
- Stock Photographer -