Kecia Hansard | Superhero / Studio
December 30, 2007
Absolutely beautiful portrait of an absolutely beautiful woman. Go Kecia!
- Natalie -

Great shot, clarity and detail are spot on. Cheers!
- Jordan -

This looks timeless. She emerges from the jewelry as if it is inconsequential to her purpose.
- Boo

This may be one of my favorites... There's a strength just under the skin I want to get to know. Right on! Only one more... :'(
- Dan (the original one) -

Great photos, but I think this project was spoilt a little by the fawning, vapid praise of some of the commenters: 'timless', 'emerging from the jewelry', 'this is perfect', etc. etc.
- JerryC

so very beautiful
- carolina -

I really like the reminiscent feel to this photo. In spite of being studio-lit, it lacks the modernness that you generally see in photos, and has a much more subdued quality that seemed common in the 20's and even earlier. Looks like you shot with film too, which contributes to the effect somewhat.
- Peter Boysen -

Kecia! Kecia! Kecia! check out her theme song: You are beautiful my friend :-) from ~ your sister
- melissa

I agree with JerryC, some of the comments on here have been truly painful to read. Fantastic project though with very few duds.
- Curmudgeon

Funky cool theme song! ^ I wanted to elaborate so as not to add any shade of vapidity to this portrait. I said timeless because it is very like the traditional cameo profile of so long ago but at the same time her jewelry evokes at least three different times. Barrettes are of youth, the earrings are of feminine energy a young woman would have and excitement and the necklace is pure power of maturity. The color, I don't know if that is sepia or not, but it is evocative of yet still another time. And most awesome in the traditional sense of that word is her face as it emerges and it does emerge from these time recollections boldly and with strength of purpose. I get the idea she could whoop the bad guys of any time and the portrait makes it seems as if this woman was born to do just that and do it with style too, never forgetting she is woman. Maybe I should have just said great instead of distilling what feelings it evoked down to one sentence. In any event, as she faces back upon a year of portraits hers is most formidable and lovely.
- Boo -

I quite like this one. I've really enjoyed this project, Bill. Awesome work. Hey, jerryC, could you be a little more of a Scrooge? Jeez...
- amy

Kecia, you look beautiful and formidable. A very powerful shot indeed. As for the curmudgeons....I find it amusing that you are criticizing the comments...and that one of you can't spell timeless.
- Diana Prince

saving the best for last..beautiful work
- Daniel Krieger -

Hmm... so I'm kinda hoping the final image (December 31) will be a self-portrait...
- Jen -

Great shot!
- John Andrews

Yup...comment moderation seems in order. :)
- Jordan Ogren - http//

This is America, and the last I heard, we could express ourselves however we wanted. Ditto on the self-portrait.
- buckycatt -

that theme song fully made my day fantastic.
- Danielle

Amen to Boo and buckycatt... I'm sorry if anyone thought that there was 'vapid' commenting... but some people just want to complain. Every comment from me has been from the heart. Maybe this post belongs on the Facebook group but I for one will miss this blog updating.
- Dan (the original one) -

Wait… you missed the last one? Cosmic irony?
- carpeicthus -

I'm with the pro-comments lobby on this one. people throughout the year here, it seems, have simply expressed how a photo makes them feel. if it doesn't go into some deep and meaningful dissection of photography, I don't think it renders them 'vapid'. indeed, I think it's been rather lovely to see supportive and appreciative comments on Bill's work from total strangers :-).
- Andrea -

this is my favorite portrait. it's a new and different style, and yet it has a really timeless quality about it. and go Kecia!! love the theme song : )
- Devon

Beautiful work! Is it Indian woman? Recently I was at Art conference and there are lots of Indian women like this there.
- Stephen -