Drennen Quinn - East Coast Traveller / Smithsonian
January 03, 2007
a bit mind boggling. but i like it.. it brings a smile to my face.
- dclark

Ha! Wow! This is so funny to me! How did this happen? He doesn't look crazy, or like the type to... wow. It's just so funny. It's supposed to be funny right? I don't want to insult him is if this is his thing.
- Bonny - noodlescar.com

Of *c0urse* he's crazy ... he's male, holding stuffed pandas, and wearing a little girly head piece ... LOL! Actually I'm sure he's OK - just weird. Like Jack Black.
- Scott - http://smdk66.googlepages.com

Oh, I love this! The ears, the pandas, the everything! Brilliant photo
- Diane

Looked through all the photos, loved them all...this one made me laugh out loud, had to comment.
- Adam