Andrea Mann - Jazz Vocalist / Studio
January 04, 2007
uhh. nice lamp.
- Neil -

I agree. The lamp is very nice. I also like how the crooked heater endcap mocks the straightness of the lamp.
- Hardin -

You look a bit grumpy. Have you sat on a pin?
- Mat Toor -

ha ha! I would respond to that but it might ruin my sultry/grumpy air.
- andrea -

I like this photo alot. great play with lighting and mood.
- Rocky

i listened to your music on your website. i love this photo, and now i love your music.
- vincent

black french cut stockings are a wonderful contrast to what appears to be a simple cotton camisole. the bare feet are beautiful and the softly pensive look away from the camera brings a naturalness to the photograph. i would expect the sound of andrea singing to be as whole and organic as the image captured in this shot. sensuous, feminine, vulnerable, quietly stated, very real....
- diana christine -

m, she is a very beautiful woman, maybe Im not at her age and stuff.. but this photo is just gorgeous, awesome.. plain genius.. *****/*****
- Ernest

Who's the sauce goddess? ;)
- Danielle

That one made my pupils dilate, that's fo'sure
- Jack

Besides the obvious the 1st thing i saw was the heater cap. Heard great things about you andrea from bill, he did my website and all the pics on Your music is great as well if you ever need a drummer in the states look me up.
- Eric -

Absolutely beautiful photo. Of course, the lady herself looks better in the flesh. Before you freak out completely, Andrea, it's Natalie (James' girlfriend). It was a pleasure to meet you the other day, albeit briefly! Incidentally, Richard Marx has had me filling up on occasion, so you're not alone...
- Natalie -

Hi Bill - it's Julie, a friend of Andrea's. Look out - after seeing your photographs for the last month, I'm finally commenting! I love your work, Bill - fantastic. Hope to meet you when you're across the pond. I love this picture - def. one of my faves.
- Julie -

my search has ended here!! Great pic. j
- Joe

Hey, you look fantastic in this photo.....and I like your music! Happy New Year!
- Nik G.

Hot! Hot! Hot!
- Uncle Tom