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December 29, 2007
I like how his hair matches the bronze wall, and the martini olive matches the green wall.
- Jocelyn - http://www.myspace.com/jocelynryder

What a ruggedly handsome face he has. He looks really intelligent.
- Jen - http://www.honest-planet.com

Definitely "look at me" eyes!!
- shopaholicann

Handsome for sure but the martini, backdrop, eyes and suit give a real Spencer (as in the detective books) feel to this. Observant, cultured and kick ass. Sweet combo.
- Boo

a very handsome guy, indeed.. excellent color and composition
- patty

Hubba, hubba & I don't usually go for redheads. PS: Bill check out my wee lil blog entry from yesterday.
- buckycatt - buckycatt.blogspot.com

unbelievably talented guy, and also so funny in person thats its hard to believe he is able to look so SERIOUS. wow. i am almost SCARED of him, becuase i can only imagine what he's about to say. great picture.
- jmfg

This feels modern. I really dig it.
- Kevin A Barry - http://lasalle.facebook.com/profile.php?name=589015824

If he is a total prick, you have captured him perfectly.
- clydc

I wish he was wearing an Ironman costume!
- CC