Patty Lewis | Artist, Teacher, 'Doc' / Watertown, MA
December 28, 2007
I like your composition... the three subjects. Each one is very expressive. It makes the photograph very dynamic and full of energy. As always, Excellent work.
- Jordan Ogren - http//

ha! lovely. Patty, it's nice to finally put a face to a name :-). love the sketch of you lying there on the table, Bill.
- Andrea -

I love everything about it - except that couch! ;) The painting behind Patty is fantastic. The expression on her face is smile-inducing and I love the way the colors in her scarf come out at you.
- James Curtis Smith -

Wow, Andrea, good catch on the Bill sketch! That's such a great touch. Plus, Patty looks like she's a hoot - what a fun photo!
- NB

i'm deeply honored, bill..... love the shot, thanks :)
- patty

I like this shot. Patty looks exactly like her description. She's a fine artist too.
- Diane

Bill - will you be Dec. 31? It would be appropriate!
- Peggy

patty looks stunning, as does her painting. beautiful photo.
- owner of the ugly couch

I want to buy this woman drinks, her favorite scent and several nonsensical articles that she might enjoy. You have caught so much energy in this. She looks like she could wear out a teenie bopper and still encourage them to keep going.
- Boo

Is that your portrait there? BLUE! Spotless photo. Amazing.
- Ela

Bill, the photo is amazing. I watched you shooting in cramped quarters, surrounded by people, and wondered what the outcome would be - it is a true testament to your talent to see you capture someone's essence under such circumstances . . . and seeing her with her work . . . well, you've given me a wonderful new view of the woman I love - thank you.
- jeanette

This woman is extremely vibrant and full of mystery -- I am intrigued by the artist and the subject.
- Julie

Excellent pose !
- Victor Puig -

Lovely woman! One of my fav people. You captured her presence perfectly!
- Jason